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About Us

Chaos Wine is a brand centred around attitude! We are here to help you put the middle finger up at whatever is bringing your fine ass down. Designed not to conform, Chaos Wine is about spreading chaos!

Our wine is produced in the Riverina region of NSW that is famous for creating full flavoured easy drinking wine. We have selected the cream of the crop with an amazing Moscato Rose blend, full bodied Shiraz, and elegant Chardonnay. Each have their own distinct personalities just like the labels we slap on them.

Chaos Wine was a brand born from the boring selection of wine available in Australia, we are here to spice things up a bit. Gone are the days of selecting a bottle because of the animal on the label. Now we have fantastic drop with something spicy to laugh about on the bottle.

We have something for everyone, with a wine type and label to laugh off your pending paper due tomorrow, to your ‘crazy gym sesh’ in front of the TV. Expression is not trapped in the bottle; it is the bottle.

Be sure to tag us in your adventures @chaos_wine and use the hashtags #spreadthechaos and #chaoswine to be featured on our socials. We love to see the creative ways you use the labels and enjoy our wine.

You are beautiful xx

Chaos Wine team.