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For when you're definitely not at the gym, but hey, does pouring the wine count as exercise?

Moscato Rosé

This sweet drop is destined to hit the spot with a smooth overall texture and fruity undertones. Best serviced chilled on a girl’s night with absolute bangers blasting over the speakers. The Moscato Rose is the perfect balance of ‘the girl next door’ and ready to get down and shake your booty around.

9.5% ALC/VOL

Approx 5.6 standard drinks


Bold and elegant the Shiraz is the perfect full-bodied red that you’re always looking for but just can’t seem to find. Best served at room temperature this easy-drinking red is the perfect touch of sophistication, with its smooth and rich flavour complimented by a beauty like yourself, it is the ultimate package.

13.5% ALC/VOL

Approx 8 standard drinks 


Initially sweet followed by a savoury after tone the Chardonnay is an absolute winner, just like you. If you’re after a smooth well-rounded white, this is your ticket with easy-drinking characteristics and a playful mellow flavour. Best serviced chilled with good company of course.


Approx 7.1 standard drinks